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"Emma - a machine-code microprocessor system"

Emma was a rudimentary 8-bit 6502 processor board with attached hex-input keypad and 7-segment display that was marketed by LJ Electronics in the early eighties. Despite its mere 1K of RAM and 2K monitor in EPROM, it was deemed suitable for driving the Atlas arm. In addition to the processor itself, the Emma range included a large number of sensing, simulation and input-output boards that Emma could be hand-coded to interact with. There was even a mini matrix printer for hard-copy output.

The thumbnails below show the Emma processor, keypad and display unit, plus many of the available add-on boards. Click on any of them to view the full-size image (250KB-300KB filesize).
Emma computer with Visa upgrade, controlling an early Atlas robot arm
More complex expansion options included an Eprom programmer and an A4 plotting table. Further capability could be added in the form of the Visa Expansion System - shown above connected to Emma. This added a video interface, 8K of RAM, 8K of BASIC, 6K of assembler and monitor and a full QWERTY keyboard.

LJ Electronics Emma computer and accessory modules catalogue Emma computer hex keypad Emma computer 7-segment display Emma 8-bit (6502) computer mainboard
Matrix printer for Emma computer Emma computer strain gauge Emma computer I/O monitor Emma computer buffered loudspeaker
Emma computer buffered loudspeaker Emma computer stepper motor Emma computer stepper motor Emma computer temperature sensor
Emma computer A-D converter Emma computer relay module Emma computer traffic light simulator (minus red initiate button) Emma computer switch pad

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