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Useful links
  • Imperial College, London. A series of pages that provide lots of useful code and signal details for the Atlas arm and related equipment. Well worth exploring all the embedded links.

  • LJ Create. The original LJ Electronics now trades as LG Create and seems as active as ever in the educational field.

  • Sadly, www.comp-techy.com no longer seems to exist. This site originally detailed an interesting exercise by computer technology students to control an Atlas arm via a remote RS232 link.

    Using a custom controller card and a bolt-on webcam for visual feedback, students were tasked with picking and placing three 'skittles' or bowling 'pins' in a set amount of time.

    Unfortunately I didn't grab the site while it was still up. It was somewhere linguistically exotic (could have been Eastern Europe, or even Mexico??) so the text translation reads a little wooden, but you can click on the thumbnail at left to view what little of it I saved.
Atlas at Imperial College
Atlas from comp-techy site

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